Speedy, standard and suture-free surgery

The lens slowly unfolds and self-positions in the sulcus in ~20 seconds.
The 2.8mm incision is suture-free. Surgical procedures are largely similar to standard cataract surgery.


Recent progress

Clinical trials

AkkoLens has successfully completed clinical trials and obtained full Proof of Concept.

Accommodation and safety have been confirmed, allowing patients to see Far and Near without Glasses

• Accommodation over a significant range
• Virtually all patients are “spectacle-free” at up to 2½ years post-op
• No significant side effects
• Clinical trials will be expanded to more clinics in more countries

Registration and Sales

• CE Mark is anticipated
• Manufacturing process in place

Investment opportunities

The Company is an attractive additional investment at this stage. Potential investors are invited to contact Dr Michiel Rombach at rombach@www.akkolens.com

Akkolens International BV | 2018