Clinical Partners

– Vissum Corporation
Alicante, Spain
– Resbiomed
Sofia, Bulgaria

True accommodation

Akkolens is developing an true accommodating lens with exceptional optical qualities.

Its implantation is simple, suture-free and quick.

About us

The Company

  • Akkolens bv was founded by Dr Michiel Rombach, Chief Executive Officer. Dr Rombach has extensive international experience in managing life-sciences, medical and technology product development.
  • Dr Aleksey Simonov joined the Company as Chief Scientific Officer. Dr Simonov is experienced in development of advanced optics, ophthalmology, intraocular lenses and production technologies.
  • The Company has offices and laboratory facilities in Breda and Delft, The Netherlands, from which projects with a number of international partners is coordinated.
  • AkkoLens works with Oculentis bv, Eerbeek, The Netherlands on manufacturing of the intraocular lenses. Oculentis uses advanced high precision lathing technologies for advanced contact lens and intraocular lens manufacturing. Oculentis bv manufactures the lens for technical and medical trials.
  • AkkoLens owns approximately 25 patents and patent applications covering aspects of the intraocular lens, optical designs, mechanical designs as well as ophthalmological surgery equipment.
  • The Company is funded by a consortium of Venture Capital and private investors as well as long term loans from larger industries.

For more information about the Company contact Dr Michiel Rombach.


Dr Michiel C. Rombach MBA
Chief Executive Officer. Scientific experience with University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), Cornell University and Logan State University (USA).

Managed technology and life-science companies, was Business Development manager with Nestlé and Cosun (food and plant seeds) and the Hoya Corporation (Japan, microfluidics/diagnostics and ophthalmology), Commercial Director with KeyGene and CRDelta (The Netherlands, life-sciences).

Dr Aleksey N. Simonov
Chief Scientific Officer. M.Sc. in physics and Ph.D. in optical data processing from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russian Federation).

Worked on ultrafast lasers, optical measuring systems, adaptive optics at the universities of Groningen and Delft (The Netherlands) and on accommodative intraocular lens designs.

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